How to Access Case Information

You can access case information from our court in several ways:


The Bankruptcy Court in Hawaii has imaged all documents in cases filed since January 1, 1998. These documents are available on the Internet, to persons using the Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER) program. This program is not free. However, there are several good reasons to use PACER to retrieve documents, rather than coming to the court. This is the fastest method of getting documents for persons not living on Oahu. Once you register for PACER (provided you enter a credit card authorization for payment), you will get a login and password the same day. You can then immediately use PACER to access documents you need, and print them. A PACER account provides access to dockets of other federal courts throughout the United States. See PACER Fees.

NOTE! – Only cases filed in 1998 and later were imaged. Documents from cases filed before that date must be ordered from the archives at the Federal Records Center in San Bruno, CA. See below for more information on retrieving archived paper documents.

Here is what you need to do in order to register for PACER and to access the documents you wish to copy.

Step 1: PACER Registration

  1. Go to the PACER Service Center site at:
  2. Click on the button which says “Register for PACER”. You will see an informational page stating that you will get a login and password by email, if you enter in a credit card number when registering. If you do not, the login information will be sent by mail.
  3. Complete the information and submit it.

Step 2: Logging into PACER

  • When you receive your login and password, you can go to the PACER site to login:
  • On the page which opens, click this hyperlink: "District of Hawaii - Document Filing System" .
  • Enter your login and password where indicated.
  • You will get the CM/ECF screen.

Step 3: Finding the Documents in a Case File

  • On the CM/ECF page, click the word “Query” on the blue bar at the top of the page. The Query page will open.
  • You can search for a case by (1) Case Number, or by (2) Name of the Debtor or by (3) Social Security Number of the debtor. Fill in the information as directed and then click on the “Run Query” button. (Note – You do not need to fill in all of the boxes– just the case number, name, or SSN.)
  • From the screen which now appears, click on the “Docket Report...” hyperlink.
  • You do not need to select anything on this page. Click on the “Run Report” button. You will be charged per page for opening this report.
  • A docket report for the case you have selected, will open. This report lists all documents filed in the case. There should be a blue underlined number next to the description of the document. If you click on this number, the document will open. You will be charged per page for any documents which you open. You may print the documents when opened, for which there is no additional charge.
  • If you wish to print multiple documents, use your browser Back button to get back to the docket sheet, and continue to open documents that you wish to print.

If you have problems and need assistance in finding cases or documents, contact us.

VCIS (Voice Case Information System)

The Voice Case Information System (VCIS) allows you to call the Bankruptcy Court's computer from any touch-tone telephone. VCIS gives the case information over the phone using a computer-synthesized voice.

Information provided includes:

  • debtor name
  • case number
  • judge name
  • tax identification number
  • date the case was opened
  • voluntary or involuntary case filing
  • business or consumer
  • date of filing
  • chapter
  • attorney name and telephone
  • date and time of the pending §341 Meeting
  • date of discharge
  • date of case closing
  • date and the time of the first meeting
  • asset status
  • general case status

VCIS is provided free of charge and is available seven days per week, 24 hours per day. VCIS retrieves the most current information directly. Call (866) 222-8029, specify the desired state, then follow the instructions given by the computer-synthesized voice, to access case information.


Clerk's Office

Computer terminals are available for public use at the Clerk's office. We have staff available to assist you in retrieving case information. There is no charge to view data, and you may print documents for a fee of ten cents per page. For court information, see location and hours.


Archived Cases

Copies of archived documents may be made by directly contacting the San Francisco Federal Records Center or by requesting them through the Clerk’s Office in Honolulu. When requesting from the Clerk's Office, retrieval and copy fees apply.



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