Copy Requests


Unless sealed by court order, documents filed with the court are available as follows.

Clerk’s Office.  No paper files are maintained.  Electronic images of documents in cases filed on and after January 1, 1998, are available for viewing without a fee at the Clerk’s OfficeFees are charged for printing paper copies of these documents.

Internet Access.  Images of documents in cases filed on and after January 1, 1998, may be viewed using PACER (Public Access to Electronic Court Records), a nationwide service of the federal judiciary.  A PACER login is required and fees may apply for viewing the documents.   

Note: Access to documents in cases filed before December 1, 2003, and which have been closed for more than a year may be restricted in PACER. Documents in these cases may be viewed via the Internet only by parties in the case who have a separate CM/ECF login issued by the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Hawaii. (Generally, these otherwise restricted documents may be viewed at public computer terminals in the Clerk's Office.)

Federal Records Center.  Paper documents in cases filed before January 1, 1998, may be archived at the San Francisco Federal Records Center, managed by the National Archives and Record Administration.  A fee is charged for retrieving these files. 


Clerk’s Office.  Copies of documents filed in cases on and after January 1, 1998, may be made in person in the Clerk’s Office.  Fees vary depending on whether the copies are printed by the public, or by court staff. Exact change is required; personal checks are not accepted.
Requests by Mail.  Copies made from electronic images of filed documents may be requested by mail. A fee applies – contact the court by phone (808.522.8100 x128) or email to obtain the page count for calculation of the fee.  Fees must be paid in advance by cashier’s check or money order and a stamped, addressed envelope must be provided unless the copies are held for pick-up.

Archived Documents. Copies of archived documents may be made by completing NATF Form 90 and submitting it directly to the San Francisco Federal Records Center or by requesting them through the Clerk’s Office in Honolulu. When requesting from the Clerk's Office, retrieval and copy fees apply.

Certified Copies.  There are occasions when a bank, title company, or other entity will require submission of a copy of a document that has been certified by the court as a true copy of the originally filed document.  There is a fee for certification. In addition, the clerk must print the copy and will assess the per page copying fee. 

Exemplification Certificate.  An exemplification certificate may be required for copies of documents to be filed in state courts. There is a fee for processing of an exemplification certificate, in addition to the per page copying fee. Processing may take several days.



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