Amending Schedules or Mailing Matrix

It is common for debtors to amend their bankruptcy cases after filing to add creditors, to change the addresses of previously listed creditors, to amend the amounts of debts listed, or for other reasons. Since there is a $30.00 amendment fee for making most of these amendments, it is best to carefully list all creditors at the beginning of a case so that amendments will not be needed. We provide an Amendments Cover Sheet and Certificate of Service which will be very helpful to insure that the amendment is done properly. Please fill out and submit this cover sheet whenever you are amending schedules or a mailing matrix in your case.

  1. Changing addresses of creditors who were previously listed in the case - There is no fee for this type of amendment. Fill out the Notice of Change of Address and list both the old address of the party, and the new address. Sign and send to the court.

  2. Adding creditors not previously listed - In order to add creditors not previously listed, you need to prepare a new schedule, listing only the creditors you wish to add, and the amounts of the debts owed to those creditors. Use the same form that you used when you filed the case. If you are adding unsecured creditors you would use Schedule F. Fill in the debtor’s name and case number at the top of the schedule and write at the top of the form “Amended Schedule”. Date and sign the Declaration by Debtor(s). Both debtors must sign if the bankruptcy is a joint case. Type a mailing matrix with just the names and addresses of the creditors you are adding to the case. Mail a copy of the Notice of Commencement of the case to each of the added creditors, and fill out the Certificate of Service. You are now ready to file the amendment. You need to send to the court, an originally signed amendment, the Amendments Cover Sheet and Certificate of Service, a copy of the mailing matrix and Debtor's Verification of Creditor List, and a check or money order for the $30.00 amendment fee.

  3. Changing the amounts of debts listed in your schedules, amending a Statement of Affairs to change the information, deleting creditors - Prepare the amended schedule or list. Notify affected creditors by sending them a copy of the amended Schedule or list. Complete the Amendments Cover Sheet and Certificate of Service and send it to the court with the original amended schedule or list. Send a check for $30.00 for the amendment fee only if you amended Schedules D, E or F or if you added creditors to the mailing matrix.


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