Crossclaim, Third-Party Complaint and Counterclaim

Updated 11/11/2020

In General

A crossclaim is a claim asserted by one defendant against another defendant. A third-party complaint is a complaint filed by a defendant against a third (new) party. A counterclaim is a claim by the defendant against the plaintiff.  These are typically filed as part of the Answer to the original complaint.  Follow the instructions below to file it separately.

Step-by-Step Instructions

  • Select Adversary > Complaint & Summons.
  • Enter Case Number.
  • Select Crossclaim, Third-Party Complaint or Counterclaim.
  • Click Browse/File and upload PDF.
  • Select the appropriate parties against whom the document is being filed. Press and hold [Ctrl] key to select multiple parties.
  • Select Party filer.
  • The Attorney/Party Association screen displays if the association does not already exist. Carefully read the message in red and click Next when done.
  • Select whether a demand for jury trial is included in the document.
  • Modify docket text, if appropriate.
  • Verify final docket text.  Click Next to complete the filing.
  • The Notice of Electronic Filing displays.  This is the verification that the document has been electronically filed.