Calendar Requests via Email

Parties may communicate with the Courtroom Deputy/Calendar Clerk concerning hearing dates and other calendar matters by using the following e-mail address:

The sending party should ensure that sufficient information is provided in the initial message in order to process the request for a hearing date or other calendar-related information. A request for a hearing date must include the following:

  • Name of Case or Adversary Proceeding
  • Case or Adversary Number
  • Chapter
  • Type of Motion
  • Requesting Party (w/ telephone number)
The Courtroom Deputy/Calendar Clerk normally will respond by reply e-mail unless a return telephone call is necessary.

Use of e-mail to obtain hearing dates and other calendar-related information is a supplemental procedure. Parties may continue to contact the Courtroom Deputy/Calendar Clerk by telephone at 522-8100 ext. 111.


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