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Copies of Documents

Requests for Paper Copy of a Document 

Submit a request by contacting the Clerk’s Office at, (808) 522-8100, or U.S. Bankruptcy Court, District of Hawaii, 1132 Bishop Street, Suite 250, Honolulu, HI 96813. Copy fees apply. You will be given information regarding the amount, how to pay the fee, and instructions to provide a stamped, self-addressed envelope in which to mail the copies unless they will be held for pick-up. Documents may also be viewed online and printed from PACER (Public Access to Court Electronic Records).

Requests for Document Image (PDF) by a Debtor

A debtor may request a copy of a document filed in his or her case by emailing the request to In the email, please identify yourself as the debtor, provide the case number and case title (e.g., 19-04321, In re John Q. Doe), and identify the specific document being requested (e.g., discharge or order dismissing case). A scanned image (PDF) of the document will be sent by reply email at no charge if the request does not exceed 2 documents. For a paper copy of a document, see the information above. 

Archived Documents

Documents filed prior to 1998 may not be available in the court’s electronic record. Paper records may be archived in the National Archives San Bruno Federal Records Center. You may request copies of archived documents by clicking here. Fees apply. To make a request, you will need the Box, Location, and Transfer numbers for the records. Contact the Clerk's Office for this information. 

Certified Copies

There are occasions when a bank, title company, or other entity will require submission of a copy of a document that has been certified by the court as a true copy of the originally filed document. There is a fee for certification. In addition, the clerk must print the copy and will assess a per page copy fee. Requests for certified copies should be emailed to

Certification of Judgment for Registration in Another District (Form 2650)

A special form is required if a judgment from this court is to be registered in a federal court in another district. There is a fee for processing a certification of judgment, in addition to the per page copy fee. 

Exemplification Certificate (Form 1310

An exemplification certificate may be required for copies of documents to be filed in state courts. There is a fee for processing of an exemplification certificate, in addition to the per page copy fee. Processing may take several days because multiple signatures are required.