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Chapter 13 Forms
Titlesort descending Form ID
Administrative Expense - Request for Payment by Debtor's Attorney H3070J
Approve Sale (Debtor's Motion) H2083A
Approve Sale (Notice of Cancellation) H2083F
Approve Sale (Notice of Hearing) H2083C
Compensation - Application for Compensation by Debtor's Attorney H2016G
Compensation - Supplemental Disclosure of Compensation by Debtor's Attorney H2016B
Conversion to Chapter 7 (Notice) H2083X
Dismiss Case (Debtor's Motion) H2083B
Extend Plan (Trustee's Motion) H3015-2b2
Incur Debt (Motion) H2083-1d
Plan H113
Plan - Attachment A: Request for Valuation of Secured Claim H113_ExA
Plan - Attachment B: Request to Avoid Lien H113_ExB
Plan - Certificate of Service H113cs
Plan - Motion to Modify Confirmed Plan H1329-A
Plan - Objection H3015d
Rights, Responsibilities and Fee Agreement H2016R
Surrender of Collateral (Notice) H3012S
General Local Forms
Titlesort descending Form ID
341 - Debtor's Notice of Continued Meeting H341C
341 Declaration - Pay Advices, Tax Returns, DSOs H341dec
Address - Override Preferred (Notice) H2002-1b
Address Change H2002g
Address Change - Attorney Change of Address or Firm Affiliation H2091-1c
Address Change - Proof of Claim H3070-2f
Administrative Expense - Request for Payment H3001-2
Adversary - Cover Sheet B1040
Amendments Cover Sheet (Schedules, Statements, List of Creditors) H1009-1
Appeal - Notice of Appeal and Statement of Election B417A
Appeal - Optional Appellee Statement to Proceed In District Court B417B
Application to Proceed in District Court Without Prepaying Fees or Costs (Short Form) AO 240
Audio Recording of Hearing (Request) H5077A
Calendar - Request for Matter to Remain H9013-1c3
Caption - Adversary H416D
Caption - Bankruptcy H416B
Certificate of Service - General Use for AP H9013-3A
Certificate of Service - General Use for BK H9013-3B
Certification of Judgment for Registration in Another District B2650
Chapter 7 - Convert to Another Chapter H1017-1
Chapter 11 - Eligibility for Discharge (Individual Debtor Certification) H4004-3b
Claim - Filed on Behalf of Creditor H3004-1
Claim - Objection H3007
Claim - Withdrawal or Satisfaction (Notice) H3006
Compensation - Summary Sheet H2016-1a
Compensation - Supplemental Disclosure of Compensation by Debtor's Attorney H2016B
Creditor List (Debtor's Verification) H1007-2d
Death - Suggestion (Adversary) H1016A
Death - Suggestion (Bankruptcy Cases) H1016B
Declaration and Request for Entry of Order H9021-1
Designation of Responsible Individual H1047b
Discharge - Defer Entry and Enlarge Time to File Reaffirmation Agreement H4008-1b
Dismiss - Chapter 7 (Debtor's Motion) H1017-1
Dismissal - Debtor's Motion to Reconsider H9024
Electronic Filing (Declaration) H1008
Electronic Noticing Request for Debtor (DeBN) n/a
Employ Professional (Application) H2014
Enlarge / Shorten Time (Motion) H9006-1
Entry of Default and Declaration in Support (Request) H7055a
Exemplification Certificate B1310
Exhibit List for Trial/Evidentiary Hearing H7016e
Extend Time to File Case Opening Documents (Debtor's Motion) H1007-1a
Extend Time to File Complaint / Dismiss for Abuse H4004-1b
Extend Time to File Complaint Objecting to Discharge or to Determine Dischargeability, or Motion to Dismiss (Stipulation) H9006b3
Extend Time to File Objection to Exemptions H4003-1
Hearing - Disclosure Statement (Notice) H3017-1b
Hearing - General Use (Notice) H9073-1
Lien in Chapter 7 (Motion to Avoid) H4003d
Lien Satisfied (Debtor's Motion for Order Declaring) H5009m
Mediation - Application for Appointment to Mediator Panel H9019-2c
Mediation - Assignment to BDR Program (Request) H9019-2d
Mediation - Report H9019-2f
Name Change (Debtor's Notice) H1009-3
PACER Researcher Exemption (Application) H1930epa
Parties Planning Meeting (Report) H52
Pro Hac Vice (Application to Appear) H2090-1b
Property - Instructions Regarding (Application) H6071-1
Property - Motion to Sell (Cover Sheet) H6004-1a
Property - Proposed Use, Sale, or Lease (Notice) H6004-1c
Redact (Motion in AP Cases) H9037A
Redact (Motion in BK Cases) H9037B
Redacted Version of Previously Filed Document (Submission for AP) H9037sA
Redacted Version of Previously Filed Document (Submission for BK) H9037sB
Redaction of Personal Data Identifiers in Transcript H5077A
Relief From Stay - Cover Sheet H4001-1cs
Removal of Creditor or Party from Notice List (Request) H2002-1x
Rent Payment - Notice of Deadline to Object to Certification H4001-4
Reopen Case (Motion) H5010m
Rule 2004 Examination (Motion) H2004-1
Social Security Number Correction (Certificate of Service) H1009-2c
Social Security Number Correction (Notice) H1009-2b
Substitution of Counsel (Notice) H2091-1b2
Summons and Notice of Scheduling Conference H2500B
Summons and Notice of Trial in an Adversary Proceeding H2500C
Summons for Third Party Complaint H2500D
Summons in an Adversary Proceeding (Instructions) Inst-B2500A
Summons on Cross-Claim/Counterclaim in an Adversary Proceeding H2500CC
Summons to Debtor in Involuntary Case H2500E
Testimony - Written Testimony for Trial/Evidentiary Hearing H7016dt
Trade Names - Used by Debtor (Declaration) H1005
Transcript of Hearing (Request) H5077-1a1
Transfer Case (Debtor's Motion) H1014-1
Trustee - Abandonment of Property (Notice) H6007-1a
Trustee - Approve Payment of Admin Expense (Motion) H2015b
Trustee - Authorize Supplemental Distribution (Motion) H704a9
Trustee - Compensation - Final Application H2016tr
Trustee - Compensation - Final Application by Professional Employed by Trustee H2016-1f
Trustee - Defer Payment of Filing Fee (Request) H1930-6
Trustee - Deposit of Unclaimed Funds (Notice) H3011ntc
Trustee - Dismiss Case for Non-Appearance at Meeting of Creditors (Motion) H2003-1
Trustee - Dismiss Case Under Sec. 521(i)(2) (Ex Parte Motion) H1007-1b3
Trustee - Interim Report H2015-9
Turnover Request H542C
Unclaimed Funds (Application) H1340
Waiver from Credit Counseling and Debtor Education (Motion) H109h4
Withdrawal of Counsel and Removal from Notice List H2091-1a1D
Witness Contact Information for Trial / Evidentiary Hearing H7026-A
Witness Designation for Cross-Examination H7016ce
Witness List H7016w
Form Orders
Titlesort descending Form ID
Approve Sale (Proposed Order) H2083E
Avoid Lien (Order Granting Motion) H4003-1ord
Claim - Objection (Order Sustaining) H3007X
Compensation (Order on Chapter 13 Attorney Fees) H2016T
Compensation (Order on Chapter 7/11 Fees) H2016C
Employer Pay Funds to Trustee (Application and Order) H3070-1a2
Employer Pay Funds to Trustee (Motion to Vacate Order) H3070-1vac
Plan - Motion to Modify (Order Granting) H3015-2b1o
Relief from Stay (Order Granting) H4001-1f2
Substitution of Counsel in Adversary Proceeding (Order Approving) H2091-1b3