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Uploading Orders (eOrders)

eOrders is a web-based application integrated into CM/ECF for submitting proposed orders to the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Hawaii. Using the “Order Upload” module in CM/ECF:

  • Registered filers upload proposed orders into the CM/ECF database for internal routing (these orders are not “filed” in a case nor do they appear in the record until signed);
  • Judges and court staff can efficiently route, review, sign, and docket uploaded orders;
  • Chambers staff can return a deficient order to the submitter by email;
  • Attorneys may use the system to replace an order already uploaded or upload an additional order;
  • Registered CM/ECF filers can check the status of orders they have uploaded; and
  • Judges can efficiently affix their signatures as well as additional text to the top of the first page of an order.

eOrders Guide