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Guidelines & Procedures

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Filing Sealed and Redacted Documents

This memo addresses sealing and redacting documents already in the record and documents to be filed under seal. Also: Redacting a document with a protected personal identifier (complete Social Security numbers, financial account information, dates of birth, names of minor children); Redacting a transcript. (Rev. 10/2017)

Correcting Social Security Numbers

This page provides instructions for correcting a debtor's Social Security number if an incorrect one was filed with the petition. (Rev. 9/2020)

Evictions and Rent Deposits

This memo provides instructions for debtors with an eviction judgment against them and application of the automatic stay; the requirement to deposit with the clerk the rent due in the 30 days after filing the petition; and required certifications and forms. (Rev. 10/2019)

Requests to Continue a Hearing or Trial

This page provides detailed information about how a party may request that a future hearing, trial, or scheduling conference be continued. Under certain circumstances a motion may be continued without a motion, continuing a trial or evidentiary hearing requires obtaining a court order, either granting a motion or approving a stipulation. Motions and stipulations must recite specific reasons for rescheduling the matter and the length of the proposed continuance. (Rev. 9/2020)

Trial Exhibit Procedures

This document provides detailed information about preparing, filing, and using digital exhibits. (Rev. 10/2023)