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Bankruptcy Alternative Dispute Resolution Program (BDR)

The court's Bankruptcy Alternative Dispute Resolution ("BDR") program serves to facilitate the voluntary resolution of adversary proceedings and contested matters and is governed by Local Bankruptcy Rule 9019-2.


Pursuant to LBR 9019-2(b), the parties to a controversy have a duty to consider BDR and other ADR processes to resolve their dispute. However, participation is voluntary must be agreed to by all parties. It also does not preclude parties from participating in other alternative dispute resolution ("ADR") programs.

Parties may request participation by filing a Request for Assignment to BDR Program. Detailed procedures are set forth in LBR 9019-2

The court has appointed a panel of volunteer mediators who have agreed to provide the first 4 hours of mediation at no charge. If the parties agree on an individual from the list of mediators below, they may note that on the Request for Assignment to BDR form. However, the court ultimately will decide on which mediator to appoint after a conflict check has been completed. 

Click on the Bankruptcy Mediator Panel below to view the panel members. Applications to be appointed to the panel are accepted on an ongoing basis.

Bankruptcy Mediator Panel

  • W. Richard Abelmann
  • David W. Cain
  • Louis L.C. Chang
  • Charles W. Crumpton
  • Nicholas DeWitt
  • James N. Duca
  • David C. Farmer
  • Steven Guttman
  • Owen H. Hellekson, Jr.
  • Simon Klevansky
  • Colin C. Kurata
  • Remy Luria
  • Alan J. Ma
  • Lars Peterson
  • William J. Plum
  • Jeffrey L. Smoot
  • Susan Tius
  • Theodore D.C. Young
  • Thomas J. Wong