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Typical Monthly Schedule of Hearings

A typical monthly calendar may look like the attached schedule. However, the calendar is always subject to adjustment due to other judicial business, holidays, etc.

Self-Calendaring Matters

In January 2019, the bankruptcy court implemented the CHAP calendar system and the use of preapproved “preset” hearing dates and times. Typically, these are matters that require 28-day notice and generally will be available until 30 days before the hearing date. Click here for an overview and more detailed instructions.

Requests to Continue a Matter 

Click here for detailed information about how a party may request that a future hearing, trial, or scheduling conference be continued. Under certain circumstances a motion may be continued without a motion, continuing a trial or evidentiary hearing requires obtaining a court order, either granting a motion or approving a stipulation. Motions and stipulations must recite specific reasons for rescheduling the matter and the length of the proposed continuance.

Remote Trial Procedures

Hearings and trials may be held remotely . Click here for Remote Trial Procedures. 

ChapMobile App for Tablets and Smartphones

ChapMobile is a free court calendar app showing information for both court hearings and 341 meetings of creditors. Unlike the calendar available from this website, updated nightly, the information in ChapMobile is updated frequently using live information in CM/ECF. Download the app from Google Play or the Apple App Store.

ChapMobile allows you to search the hearing calendar by:

  • Range of days
  • Case Name or Case Number
  • Attorneys

ChapMobile can also show court calendars in other bankruptcy courts that use the CHAP calendar.  

See screen shots of ChapMobile.