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Electronic Devices Policy

Visitors to the courtroom and office space of the United States Bankruptcy Court, District of Hawaii, 1132 Bishop Street, Honolulu, Hawaii, are (unless the court directs otherwise) allowed to carry and use various electronic devices as stated below.

  • Visitors may bring into the office space and courtroom electronic devices, such as cellular phones, smartphones, laptop computers, tablet computers, or similar functioning devices having wireless communications capability. All devices are subject to a security inspection.
  • Except while inside the courtroom, visitors may use such devices to make telephone calls and to transmit and receive data communications, such as email or text messages, or to access the Internet.
  • In the courtroom, visitors may use such devices to take notes, transmit and receive data communications, and access the Internet, but not for telephone calls. Telephone ring tones and other sounds produced by devices must be disabled while in the courtroom. Only quiet keyboards may be used in the courtroom.
  • As provided in LBR 5073‐1, photography, audio and video recording, and broadcasting are prohibited in the courtroom and office space at all times.
  • The presiding judge may prohibit or further restrict use of such devices by all persons prior to or during a proceeding when necessary to protect the rights of the parties or to assure the orderly conduct of the proceedings. This policy does not supersede the witness exclusion rule and is subject to LBR 5073‐1.
  • A visitor who fails to adhere to this policy or to the presiding judge’s directions may be removed from the courtroom or office space or subjected to other sanctions.