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Wireless Internet Access

Attorneys and other visitors to the court may use electronic devices in accordance with the Electronic Devices Policy of this court. Such devices may connect to the Internet in the courtroom and public areas of the Clerk’s Office using a public wireless access (WiFi) network funded by admission fees collected from attorneys and held in an Attorney Admission Fund.

Access to the court’s public WiFi network (BK_PUBLIC) requires a password that is changed periodically and is available from the courtroom deputy or at the public counter. This WiFi network is intended for use by attorneys and the public for access related to their visit to the court. Users may not use the court's WiFi network for any unlawful or inappropriate purpose.

The court offers WiFi access as a courtesy; there is no entitlement to WiFi use and the clerk may deny or interrupt access at any time. Further, the court provides no technical support to WiFi users and does not guarantee the operability, speed, or security of the network, or the accuracy of any transmissions. Users must take the same precautions regarding viruses and the privacy and confidentiality of transmitted information just as they would with use of any public WiFi network. Use of the court’s WiFi network is entirely at the user’s own risk.