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File a Chapter 11

Updated 8/15/2022


Fee: $1738.00 - Debtors who are individuals may request that the fee be paid in installments (Official Form 103A). Payment is due in full 14 days after the case is filed.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Case Opening Screen

  • Select Bankruptcy.
  • Select Open Voluntary BK Case.
  • Chapter - Select 11.
  • Joint Petition - Defaults to n.  Change to y if this is a joint filing.
  • Deficiencies - Defaults to n.  Change to y if missing schedules, statements or other required documents, including credit counseling certificate (for individuals) or document authorizing the filing of the bankruptcy (for corporations, LLCs and partnerships).
  • When done, click Next to continue.

Search for a Debtor Screen

  • Search for an existing debtor record by entering debtor's SSN or Tax ID.  Click Search.
  • If no match is found, No person found displays.  Click Create new party.
  • If a possible match is found, parties with the same SSN/Tax ID display. 
  • Click a name and the debtor's information displays in a pop up window.
  • If the displayed information is an exact match, click Select name from list.
  • If not an exact match, click Create new party.

Debtor Information Screen

Enter all debtor information exactly as it appears on the petition.

  • Last name, First name, Middle name - Enter exactly as they appear on the petition. Do not use all caps.
  • Generation (Jr., III, etc.) - Enter, if any.
  • SSN / ITIN - If individual, enter SSN or ITIN. 
  • Tax ID / EIN - If business, enter Tax ID in format of XX-XXXXXXX.
  • Address 1, Address 2, Address 3 - Enter debtor's mailing address.
  • City, State, Zip - Enter debtor's mailing city, state and zip.
  • County - Select current county of residence (or principal place of business). Be sure to select the correct county as this determines the location of the meeting of creditors.
  • Country - Leave blank, unless outside of U.S.A.
  • Phone, Fax and E-mail - Leave blank.
  • Party Text - Leave blank.
  • Alias - Add, if any. 
  • Corporate parent/affiliate - Add, if any.
  • Click Review… and verify entered information is correct.  Click Return to Party Screen.
  • When done, click Submit to continue.
  • If a joint filing, the Search for a joint debtor screen displays.
    • Repeat to add joint debtor. 
    • Copy previous party's address is checked by default.  Uncheck if address differs and add joint debtor's address.
    • Click Submit to continue.

Divisional Office Screen

  • Click Next to continue.

Statistical Data Screen

  • Prior filing within last 8 years – Select no or yes.
  • Fee status -  Select one of the following:
    • Installment when filing an Application for Individuals to Pay the Filing Fee in Installments.
    • Paid when paying the fee in full.
    • fee not paid is reserved for court use only.
  • Nature of debt - Select business, consumer or other.
  • Asset notice - Select Yes 
  • Estimated number of creditors - Select appropriate option.
  • Estimated assets - Select appropriate option.
  • Estimated liabilities - Select appropriate option.
  • Small business - A small business debtor is defined in 11 U.S.C. § 101(51D). Select Yes or No.  
  • Subchapter - If appropriate, check the box to indicate that you are electing to proceed under subchapter V of chapter 11.
  • Chapter 11 Non-individual - Select appropriate option.
  • Type of debtor - Select Individual, Corporation, Partnership or Other.
  • For debtors with business debts, select appropriate Nature of business.
  • Special categories - Select if appropriate.
  • NAICS (north American Industry Classification System) - Enter 4-digit code that best describes debtor.  Click here for more NAIS info..
  • Click Next to continue.

Summary of Assets and Liabilities Screen

  • Enter values from corresponding schedules.
  • When done, click Next to continue.
  • If data is not available, click Next to bypass this screen.

Deficiencies Screen

  • This screen displays if deficiencies were noted on the first screen.
  • Check the items NOT included in this filing.
  • Click Next to continue.

PDF Upload Screen

  • Click Browse/Choose File and upload PDF of petition, schedules and statements.  For individual debtors, do NOT include credit counseling certificates. File them separately.  
  • Click Next to continue.

Incomplete Filings Screen

  • This screen displays if deficiencies were noted on the first screen.  
  • The due date defaults to 14 days from date of filing.
  • Click Next to continue.

Filing Fee Screen

  • If paying in full, leave the default amount of $1738.
  • If paying in installments, do NOT make a payment now.  Change the amount to $0.0. 
  • Click Next.  

Final Docket Entry Screen

  • Carefully review the final docket entry.
  • If incorrect, use your browser back button to the applicable screen to make corrections.
  • If correct, click Next to file your case.
  • If fees are due, a Summary of current charges displays in a separate window.  Click Pay Now or Continue Filing.  

Notice of Bankruptcy Case Filing

Next Steps