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Amending Schedules & Creditor Lists


Generally, a debtor may file an amended list, schedule, or statement at any time before the case is closed. The deadline to amend a Chapter 7 Debtor's Statement of Intention is 30 days after the date the petition is filed or by the meeting of creditors, whichever is earlier. Local Bankruptcy Rule 1009-1 requires that an amendment replace the previously filed list, schedule, or statement in its entirety, i.e. it must be comprehensive and not just list the additional information.

A debtor filing an amendment must attach a local form Cover Sheet for Amendments, which contains a declaration that the information in the amendments is correct. If the amendments add creditors or parties in interest in Schedules D, E/F, G, or H, the debtor must serve them with a copy of the Notice of Bankruptcy Case, Meeting of Creditors, and Deadlines. The court's cover sheet includes a certificate of service and instructions for attaching a list of the names and addresses where the notice has been sent.

Filing Fee

There is a $34 fee for filing an amended list of creditors or Schedule D or E/F. However, no fee is due for only:

  • Changing the address of a creditor already listed in the schedules, or the address of that creditor's attorney, or
  • Adding the name and address of an attorney for a creditor who is already listed.

Note: There is no fee for filing a schedule of unpaid postpetition, preconversion debts with the names and addresses of the creditors, required upon conversion of a Chapter 11, 12, or 13 case to a Chapter 7 case.